Registration Portal

Please go through the following steps in order.


Schedule a phone interview with:

Sitora 917-943-1304

The phone interview is to connect and feel if this space and time is right for you to sit in ceremony. This gives both parties an opportunity ask, express, listen and follow their own internal Divine Guidance. This is another step to ensure safe, respectful and loving space for everyone


Deposit to secure your spot. It takes a lot of resources, organization and preparation to offer this space and work with integrity. The deposit helps us secure the space and keep a solid count to ensure safety, comfort for everyone.  

Deposit can be sent through Venmo: @Sitora-Yusufiy

If you don't have Venmo contact Sitora for other options.

After the deposit & phone call you can proceed to fill out the forms.

Please read and fill out all the forms below to register for the Sacred Space.

Medical waiver form must be printed and handed in in-person prior to sitting!

Medical waiver form



Guidelines &What to expect


We look forward to a transformative journey with you.
For the healing of Mother Earth and liberation all of her children.
So it is.
Ameen. Aho. Mitakuye Oyasin. Namaste.
Thank You.