Decolonize Earth

How do we take back our power and give it back to the Earth that sustains us all?

We cultivate communities that are living in sustainable harmony with the Earth much like the indigenous tribes and our ancestors before us.

It's quite clear that over-industrialization is leading us to destruction. Artificial intelligence is proving to be incompetent to the most fundamental needs for humans or any life to thrive on this planet, connection to Spirit, to Nature, to our selves. It is also more destructive than productive in terms of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, BECAUSE it disconnects us from the primal and organic way of life. This way of life has evolved humans for millions of years. Now with the young boom of industrial and artificial intelligence, we are at the threat of extinction and a great crisis on our planet.  

So how do we solve the problem? How can we reverse the damage?

By going back to scratch. By learning about our planet and how we can live in harmony with her, not destroy her with our very existence. 

Our purpose as humans has always been to harmonize and cultivate our natural environment for the benefit of the ENTIRE eco system of life already present. This wisdom is embedded in our codes. We just need to take back our power from artificial intelligence, and remember our ancient truth. Without this change there is not much for us, our children and future generations to look forward to, not to mention all other species on the earth.

Truth is, as long as we live on EARTH we have to abide by Her rules and laws, which are also the Universal laws, which is our Highest Truth and best interest as well. 

Everything is connected. Yet, there is an agenda, a matrix, a toxic patriarchal system invading this Earth which aims to DISCONNECT and destroy.

There are many people, many communities, tribes, organizations that are doing what they can, offering their gifts and services to be restore and protect the planet.

It starts with individuals, families, small communities, that grow and expand on their journey of transforming themselves and their way of life so it nourishes all the life around them. 

Bellow is a list of community projects that can use your help to materialize and expand to create effective change on our Earth and within our humanity. 

back to earth


Back to Earth is a community projected started by conscious mothers for healing the land, healing the community and setting better foundations for the future generations.

We are in the initial stages of acquiring land, healing and cultivating it with organic food, herbal medicines and natural healing modalities. We focus on empowering mothers, women and children through education, healing and growth with community.

You can support our project by donating and sharing with others.

You can contact us through this website if you would like to volunteer and be involved in this project.

Thank you!