Child trafficking is a MAJOR business in the black market involving the most powerful, wealthy, and even "religious" people of the world, bringing hundreds of billions of dollar in profit each year. MILLIONS of children are victims to trafficking, sexual abuse, torture and murder all over the world. Many of these children are refugees, foster kids, in poverty, or simply betrayed by their family and sold to traffickers. Some of them are none of these and are kidnapped from their family. THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW! Pedophilia is a CRIME, yet the media moguls are trying to classify it as a sexual orientation and minority, this is psychological brainwashing at its best. #saveourchildren #handsoffchildren

Links to donate, volunteer, raise awareness & support:

Phantom Rescue


"Phantom Rescue is an elite group of former Law Enforcement, FBI, State Department, US Special Operations, & Business Professionals who have united with one clear objective…to eradicate child trafficking through education, outreach and by assisting authorities with identifying the Global Sex Trafficking Industry Network."

The Exodus Road


The Exodus Road focuses on organizing investigations and rescue missions into child trafficking tunnels. 

"Bringing rescue to sons and daughters alongside local police.

Our primary expertise lies in empowering nationals to gather evidence of human trafficking, and facilitate rescue missions with local police. Since 2011, we have provided local law enforcement, governments, and NGOs with technology, investigative support, funding or training to enhance their ability to deliver justice in their own countries. We have encouraged effective collaboration among organizations fighting slavery while working within national legal systems to effectively change criminal activity by making human trafficking a more dangerous crime."

Victims Refuse Silence


Victims Refuse Silence is an organization founded by one of the victims of Epstein. 

"Victims Refuse Silence is a non-profit organization who’s mission is to help victims find their inner strength to use their voices and metamorphose into survivors, thus putting an end to modern day slavery one survivor at a time. Our goal is to undertake an instrumental role in helping survivors break the silence associated with sexual abuse."



Unseen is an organization based in UK, who's mission is to offer support, recovery & assistance to victims of trafficking.

If you would like to be a part of a group to raise awareness, organize peaceful protests, and any other actions we come up with together please email me at setarehtaj@gmail.com