11.11 Portal and Full Moon in Taurus

The 11.11 portal is a time for manifestation practices. This is when the Universe reminds us that we are all ONE and we are not separate from Source, so whatever we wish to experience or create, we have the power. It also lets us know it is matching out vibrational frequency so whatever state you are in, whatever you are thinking and feeling, manifests much quicker. This is the way Source or the Universe helps us Ascend, by getting to know and utilizing our Divine birthright as co-creators of our reality.

The really cool thing about this specific 11.11 portal is that it is accompanied by the Full Moon in Taurus.

Taurus has been a symbol for wealth and abundance in many cultures, including the United States. It is ruled by Venus, and Venus is the planet of love, finances and pleasures. This is a potent Full Moon for magicking and manifestation.

The Moon opposes Mercury Rx. We will definitely be oscillating between our Ego/Mind and our Soul. I am seeing this especially in regards to relationships. Our Soul is wanting to cuddle and get comfortable with a loved one, while the mind is trying to make sense of and get to the root of the recent events or misunderstandings that have happened between you. Generally its best to lay low and keep the confrontations to a minimum during a retrograde coupled with a Full Moon, but the Universe likes to keep it fun and spicy so with the Sun conjunct Mercury Rx, our Ego will definitely want explanations or expectations.

Full Moon in Taurus is a good time to nourish yourself and ground. We want to flow with the moon as she orbits through and embodies the whole zodiac. So whatever sign she is in, is the energy she will be reflecting and projecting, which means this is the energy we will feel more within ourselves.

Taurus IS abundance, so he doesn’t worry about what he doesn’t have or come from a place of lack. Though it can be hard for him to let go of the things he gets used to.

Some of us will see positive movement in finances. This is also supported by the Moon trine Saturn and Pluto.

Saturns energy helps us focus and get tasks done, but he’s also a karmic planet. Whatever we have been working on since before the Mercury Rx, may see some well earned rewards. Pluto’s energy gives us the drive to go after whatever it is we want, in this case with relationships and finances. Just remember that we are still in the Retrograde period so actually starting, releasing or launching new business or financial ventures/decisions may not be the best idea. This is an ideal time to re-visit whatever you already have working for you, and tweak it with new and improved ideas to make it work even better. PLANT THOSE SEED IN THE SUBCONSCIOUS! Thats what the portal is for!

In regards to relationships, a lot of us have been getting rocked thanks to Scorpio season and the Mercury Rx. A LOT surfaced and came out of the closet. Many relationships have actually ended, many are taking a break, cause with Mercury Rx you never know, it always changes. But I am seeing that this Full Moon will bring new prospectives/relationships, either a new one or the reunion/evolution of a current one. Either way keep yourself open for opportunities and possibilities that seem to be trickling in.

This full moon is a wonderful time to nourish yourself, and ground in whatever it is you desire to experience, a successful business, career, a happy relationship. It’s a GREAT time to do manifesting rituals because 11.11 Portal and Venus (ruler of Taurus) want to bless us with all the pleasures of life. Get in tune with yourself, embody the feeling of accomplishment, abundance, pleasure, true love… marinate in it, and it is yours.

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