Full Moon in Aquarius Horoscopes

Full Moon in Aquarius gives voice to our Truth. We have all been toiling hard with this summer season forcing us to face our darkest night of the Soul. All that hard work and pushing through is bound to bring some harvest. The Moon in Aquarius connects our emotions with our mind. This is wonderful for focusing on new projects or creating and manifesting the ideas that have been sprouting from our Soul. The World needs your individuality, your unique talents and gifts, which is what Aquarius is all about. Serving the collective by expressing our raw Truth.

The Moon opposes Venus and Mars, which brings up relationships. We will have the opportunity to be clear and open in our relationships as we are honoring our truth and know what it is we want and need, this may result in changes in relationships, the end of a chapter or the beginning of a new one. It's all a cycle, remember that.

The Moon sextiles Jupiter, who just went direct, which gives us more support to be our authentic self. Which without a doubt has changed in the past few months, but it has brought us closer to anchoring our Higher Self, and Jupiter wants to emphasize this. He is the planet of higher consciousness and philosophy, and for those that do step into their full potential with courage, he offers opportunities and generous gifts.

Uranus went retrograde the same day as Jupiter went direct, which was August 11th. Uranus is in Taurus which will bring into focus our financial freedom. This also means we will work on detaching from expectations of security, comfort, and status quo of material success.

Mars trines Uranus, which brings drastic changes and innovation in our actions, as well as the courage to do be the pioneer.

Now for Horoscopes. This is the first time I am offering a Horoscope report by the way. Totally riding the waves of change. Before we get into it there's something really important for you to understand about horoscopes. They are NOT based on your Sun sign. Horoscopes are calculated by the Rising sign, aka the Ascendant. So you have to find out what your Ascendant is and read the horoscope for that sign.

What this Full Moon brings for your Rising sign:

Aries Rising- You're fired up about expressing your ideas within groups, organizations and acquaintances. Balance your emotions, as you may come off too intense for some people. There is may be a romantic connection with someone but chances are it's more of a fling or affair. This is the time to have fun and be creative.

Taurus Rising- You're juggling work and family. Family matters may be on the forefront but the Moon is transiting your 10th house of career and work in the World, which for you is pretty important. Your work, due to its unique nature may be extremely time and energy consuming, but Jupiter is about to bless you up with opportunities, positive outcomes to legal matters and perhaps an unexpected windfall that will help you in your career.

Gemini Rising- The Full Moon is transiting your 9th house of higher education. You may be starting or getting deeper into an area of study, which may be different than the norm, such as metaphysics or astrology. Your social life is pretty active also with the Sun, Venus, and Mars in your 3rd house of communication and networking. The key is to balance both so that you have enough time to do both of the things you enjoy so much, education and socialization.

Cancer Rising- There is a Death and Rebirth going on in your understanding of the most fundamental aspects of life such as sexuality, transformation and power. This will have a much needed positive influence in your finances, resources and values. As you begin to truly know your worth, your value increases as well.

Leo Rising- The spotlight is on you as the Sun transits your first house.Love and health looks good too. A relationship is on you mind. You always want to express your truth in relationships but keep in mind that being too aggressive and or needy will do the opposite of what you may want. Jupiter brings you exciting opportunities to be spontaneous and have fun in your relationship, perhaps travel, this will bring you closer.

Virgo Rising- Its been an internal month for you. Your energy may have been lower than usual, perhaps feeling lonely or unsupported. It is only temporary as the Sun, Venus and Mars transit your 12th house of subconscious. This is the time for you to take advantage of the isolation to reflect on your health, your daily routine, service and work. The more you surrender to the process the stronger you will come out of it. It is THE time for Self-care. Have a ritual or herbal bath for this Full Moon to honor your internal process and release whatever you've been working through, give yourself the love you know you deserve. Your time is coming.

Libra Rising- Plenty of activity with friends and groups right now. The Full Moon transiting your 5th house will bring out your creativity as well as emotions. Express yourself fully within these groups, some will be in love with your light, others may be irritated by it. It will give you a better discernment of who you keep around yourself. Have fun and let your creativity shine on this Full Moon

Scorpio Rising- Your career is flourishing this month. Finances are great, there is much beauty in your work and Jupiter is in your 2nd house sending you lots of abundance. Travel is a skill and a good source of income, especially right now, and this year. The Full Moon is transiting you house 4th house of family and motherhood. So you may have an emotional exchange with family members during and around the full moon.

Sagittarius Rising- Jupiter just went direct and he's transiting your first house. A lot of things will open up for you, including travel. Life is moving forward. Fortune is on your side. You've been exploring new and higher platforms of education, which Jupiter shines his light on, elevating your self awareness. The Full Moon is in your 3rd house of communication, and she sextiles Jupiter, you may have an opportunity in public speaking or sharing your wisdom with your community.

Capricorn Rising- You're definitely going through a rebirth as Saturn and Pluto are retrograde in your 1st house. The Full Moon is transiting your 2nd house, which means you will feel emotionally attached to your possessions, resources, finances. This is fairly normal for a Capricorn though, as they measure success in a more material and socially structured way. The Sun is transiting your 8th house, which another indicator of major transformation and rebirth. The way you embody your power is shifting. This Full Moon is a powerful time for you to let go of your old skin and step into the new you.

Aquarius Rising- The Full Moon is in your 1st house. This is a powerful time of self realization and awareness. Especially as relationships are illuminated with the Sun and Venus transiting your 7th house. We learn a lot about ourselves through others, this may be the theme in your life at this moment. The Full Moon comes to remind you to express your truth even if it enables conflict in relationships. The right relationship will grow this way.

Pisces Rising- The Full Moon transits your 12th house, your dreams and intuition will be even more heightened. You may have an emotional dream, but emotions altogether are hard for you to express during this Full Moon. Believe it or not. Just allow it to process without analyzing it. Theres a lot going on in your daily life, focus on that. Health looks good but with Mars here there may be some things to pay attention to. Its a good time for strengthening your health.

Hope that gave you plenty of insight for this coming Full Moon. Sending you guys much love and blessings!

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