Full Moon in Pisces 9.1.2020- Release & Ascend

What a powerful Full Moon we have upon us!

Pisces is my Sun sign so I have been totally tuned in to the energies of this moon for a week now.

Pisces is a water element and the most ethereal sign in the Zodiac. Pisces is half in the physical world, half in the astral. The symbol of a Pisces is two fish swimming the opposite directions. This represents the psyche of the Pisces. While initially this can be quite challenging for many Pisces natives and other signs that have to deal with this energy, ultimately it is a special gift/energy that needs to be harnessed and mastered.

One of the best advice for Pisces or when navigating Pisces energy is... "Discipline is the path to freedom", or "boundaries make you limitless."

This is exactly what Shamans and Spirit workers have to master to be able to do their work, which is why many spiritual teachers and healers are either pisces or have a strong pisces energy in their chart.

When the Full Moon rises in Pisces its all about magick and dreams.

Synchronicities, dreams, intuitive messages, magick, mysticism, fantasies, become REALITY.

Emotions are heightened as well especially building up to the Full Moon in Pisces. That's because Pisces is also a sign of RELEASE. Releasing our attachments and expectations of the physical world, releasing all our inhibitions and letting GO. When charged with Full Moon the liberating nature of Pisces is amplified and we do go through a purge of some kind in order to be able to go deeper and higher into the astral. What is no longer serving you must go, this is how the discipline becomes freedom.

This Full Moon specifically is charged with many supportive, beautiful, & powerful energies of change and transcendence.

Sun is in Virgo, pragmatic manifestation & improvement of physical reality. Full Moon in Pisces, emotional & energetic alignment with the subconscious & Spirit realms. When you put these together MAGICK happens, we can channel ANYTHING we want into existence. Which is why it's so important to clear yourself BEFORE, so that you are manifesting everything that is truly in alignment with your Highest Self.

During this Full Moon we also have the Grand Earth Trine between the Sun in Virgo, Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. This is the abundance and harvest the comes from putting in the hard work. Many of us will see the hard work we put in the past 6 months start to pay off big time, and potentially exceed our expectations.

Moon in Pisces sextile Uranus and Jupiter, again, unexpected breakthroughs and windfalls either as opportunities or a major level up in career/business. The visions that you have been focusing on start appearing and maybe even fully manifesting in your life.

While the Moon is full it also moves close and into conjunction with Neptune. This takes us even higher into what is possible. The Universe is asking you to connect with your Highest Self and anchor in the energy that is ready to be birthed into this world. We have plenty of planets in positive aspects in the Earth element which is perfect for helping us really GROUND and ANCHOR all of this, thats what makes it so potent for actually materializing.

The soil is fertile for your dreams, stop playing small and claim what is yours.

Ritual Tips for Full Moon in Pisces:

Working with the elements of Water and Earth.

Take a ritual herb bath with intention ie.:

Rose, Lemon Balm, Basil, Hawthorne...for Love

Sage, Lemon Balm, Rosemary, Rue, Dandelion....for DEEP Cleansing & clearing energy blocks.

Chamomile, Bay leaves, Basil, Ginger...for Money & Prosperity

As you are laying in the bath affirm and visualize your intentions. Know that you are simply calling in a reality that already exists, you are attracting it and pulling it closer to you with this ritual.

This Full Moon is also a good time for a hair trim. Its a powerful time of letting go of the old because the new is ready to manifest. Cutting your hair is a great way of physically and energetically cutting off everything that has already served its purpose and is no longer needed.

After you've done an herb bath or releasing ritual...

You can do a manifestation ritual.

Cleanse your space and open your altar with a candle, a glass of water, crystal grid, and any energies you like working with.

Meditate on everything you want to manifest. Write it in detail. Speak it out loud for the Spirits and into the glass of water. As you speak it visualize it as if it is already happening.

Go outside with the glass of water and bury this paper in the Earth. Drink three sips of this water and pour the rest over the hurried paper, affirm everything as you do and thank the elements, directions, ancestors and spirits you're working with.

Go back to your altar, close your ritual and blow out the candle.

Love & gratitude,


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