Full Moon in Pisces-Finding Balance in Transformation

This Full Moon in #Pisces comes to shift us into the next octave of our life by releasing emotional debris from our astral body that are no longer serving us.

We have been doing a lot of cleansing, #detoxing, #healing, and this Full #Moon will initiate the final release of the past.

We have come a long way and there is absolutely no going back, whatever lingering doubts or residue may be in your system, make it a point to get it out.

This means physically, mentally, emotionally and #Spiritually.

You should get rid of all the junk that you’ve been hoarding for years, that you KNOW you won’t need or use. Give it away, sell it, donate it, recycle it, whatever, but the blessings won’t blast in your life until you do this.

We have until #September 19th to let go and close off as many pending projects as we can. Im not kidding it is a major new upgrade waiting to take place.

The Moon will be trining Star #Sirius, so especially this week, coming to the Full Moon and during, we will be receiving mega downloads through dreams, visions and intuition, whatever channels are open for you. To be able to receive these downloads and transmissions it is important to keep your senses clear, meaning no low frequency foods, no alcohol, no smoking, etc. Our channels are being opened/cleared by the Pisces energy, and you don’t want to let in any energy that won’t serve you.

The Moon is conjunct Neptune in Pisces, which is heightened intuition, spirituality, astral activity, internal activity. The #Sun is conjunct #Mars in #Virgo, which gives great energy for the practical and daily aspects of life. Both the Sun and Moon square #Jupiter, and Jupiter expands and can easily bring it to extremes. So we will be oscillating between getting to do list done in our daily life, and connecting with our Soul in the night time, through dreams, meditations and spiritual work.

All of this is leading us to complete tasks and release the old for the major #transformations waiting to #manifest in our life.

Are you ready?

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