Mars Retrograde 9.9.20- 11.13.20

Mars Retrograde comes around every few years. It's not as common as Mercury Retrograde, but the influence is definitely felt intensely as Mars is one of the closer personal planets.

Mars will retrograde in his home sign, Aries. This means in this sign and house in your chart his influence will be amplified as he is exalted and focusing all his energy in one area.

Mars Retrograde is happening at a very auspicious time along with 5 other planets AND Chiron retrograde. Chiron is also retrograde in Aries by the way, thats an interesting combo stalling in the sign of initiation, courage and action.

Mars represents energy, strength, masculinity, sexuality, courage, passion, action, so we will notice a fluctuation within these things during his retrograde. At times you may feel unmotivated, low of energy at other times you may feel TOO MUCH energy and not know where to place it all.

During Mars retrograde the masculine will definitely feel a major slow down and recalibration period. The entire perception of the masculine or the patriarchy is shifting and breaking down into its true and pure form. The understanding of masculinity we have been programmed with is not healthy and quite destructive. This became a part of the collective imbalance which we are not having to detox and rebirth completely. Yes this Mars retrograde will be a rebirth for the masculine, much like Venus retrograde is a rebirth for the feminine.

For men and the masculine principle within all of us this is a time of surrender and healing. During this time make the effort to ease your schedule as you will got through waves of emotions that will be easier to deal with when your plate is less full.

The priority right now is healing, and this is what we make time for.

As Mars first Retrogrades he will be in a strong square with Saturn. Mars is initiating this period by stirring up our outdated beliefs, negative patterns, fears, physical and martial limitations. They will flare up to bring out attention to it and in many cases force us to stop whatever else we are doing. This can come in the form of set backs at work, projects, social endeavors. Initially this will definitely be challenging, and thats a part of the process. But you will learn that ultimately it was for your to regain your abundant source of energy and drive, which you may have felt fading out in the past month.

During his retrograde Mars conjuncts Lilith & Eris and squares Saturn and Pluto. Eris and Lilith are known for chaos and rebellion. The fact that Mars is squaring Saturn & Pluto while conjunct with these two powerful placements indicated a potential social unrest and chaos, one we haven't seen yet. Saturn being authoritative limitations and restrictions, Pluto being the destruction that leads to rebirth, Mars (Impulsive energy, fiery emotions) with the Goddess of chaos, Eris and Dark Moon Lilith side by side...there will be some showdown on a collective level that will bring more unrest, but this will likely be the last and deep hit that the world needs to have no other choice but to rebuild CONSCIOUSLY.

At this time the feminine is also taking the reins in many ways.

While the analytical masculine mind is being recalibrated we have no choice but to trust the feminine intuition within us to navigate the new and unknown.

On a physical level more women will be stepping up to hold space for the collective transition and rebirth.

The major issue has been the imbalance of the masculine, the toxic, destructive masculinity that called for domination, conquest, wars, money, power, and control.

This is the energy that the system is based upon and the world has been enslaved by. This is EXACTLY what Mars is about. So Mars being sent to his room to do some thinking and reflection will inevitably result in outbursts, fights, tantrums...but with time he has the ability to really look at himself and process why he is so angry and how easy to is to just let go.

This is the major transformation toxic masculinity has been preparing for.

And yes, there is a bit of toxic masculinity within all of us, and we will surely have to face it.

How to navigate Mars Retrograde:

Drink lots of water!!!

Ground yourself, get out in nature, meditate.

Take a break/vaca from work

Get into a physical activity routine <---this is EXTRA helpful for Mars to release.

You will become aware of your toxic patterns. Affirm that you are illuminating and transmuting them with fresh healing energy and habits.

Re-evaluate where you put your energy and change what needs to be changed. Often times we are wasting tons of energy on things that are not only useless but harmful to our being. Mars retrograde is a perfect time to really look at this and detox what needs to go.





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