Mercury Retrograde, the 7:7 Sirius Portal, & the Eclipses of July 2019

So much going on in the Astral!

We are in the Eye of a Violet Tornado. This portal activation has been building up for the past two weeks for me, as I kept seeing the number 77. Which by the way is a really positive and powerful number of cleansing the Karmic slate and making space for Higher Frequency to enter and align us all.

Getting blown up by all sorts of energy is totally inevitable right now. I must say I am so grateful for Mercury retrograde because he will slow things down for us to be able to process it all. Even with that though there will be floods of downloads, especially for the light workers and meditation warriors. Make sure to stay grounded in your physical body, but keep your energy moving, constantly releasing and renewing. We are in a portal of transmutation, the more you can consciously tune in and ride the waves the more productive and transformational this time can be for you.

The reason why meditation is so important during these times is that it helps be you aware of the conditioning and old DNA patterns that are being transmuted, without attaching yourself to it and feeling like you're still stuck in the old patterns. Going through this process means you have to feel it and go through the emotions of it, but when you're aware of the current energies at least you can remind yourself that it's just an intense period of ascension. A lot of confusion can and will come up because mercury is retrograde which slows down our mental and communication process, but doesn't change the fact that we are in his mega portal of transmuting karma into dharma, dark into light, old into new. So we are in a vortex and all timelines and parallel realities are crossing, which will bring you face to face with some people or situations from the past that will feel like Deja Vu. We're revisiting these timelines and people to resolve whatever needs to be resolved so we can make space for new energy which is more suited to our own vibrational frequency right now.

Mercury is retrograde in Leo, which emphasizes living from our Heart and speaking our truth, expressing ourselves creatively, and knowing we are the leaders of our reality. The 5D reality we are all ascending to is a place of clarity, purity, infinite creativity and unconditional love, a place of celebration of differences and unique shapes and colors of every sentient being. Truth of the matter is most of us still have a ton of work to do to scrub the hard to get to corners of our psyche so that we can truly and fearlessly be ourselves, our pure, radiant, loving, whole, Divine selves.

So Mercury will have you questioning everything that is truly you and forcing you to break out of everything that was imposed on you by others, and this is amplified and taken to a whole other level by Saturn and Pluto Rx and the Eclipses and Sirius portal, because no were not just breaking out of old restraints and conditioning from just this lifetime, but many other timelines as well. All those signs and synchronicities are asking you to pay attention, make the time to go inward and dig deep for the answer coming through from your higher self and guides.

Let go of as much old energy as you can, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually...

Take your time with everything. Surprises will come up and you will have to go with the flow of what comes up at the moment. Im seeing pleasant surprises in love and relationships and some challenging information regarding the revolution.

This is a wild rollercoaster ride of much miracles and beauty but also intensity. Buckle up. Connect with your tribe, connect with the people that have been tuning in and aligning with the ascension. We have all the tools. We are all here to help and support each other, and during this time as our Mother Earth is cleansing she needs us to work together and support her. I mean shit we caused all this damage to her, we owe it to her and it is our responsibility to step up on our healing, our higher path and purpose as the children and guardians of this planet. Work on yourself, so we can all help her together.


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