Natal Chart of America & Current Transits -June 2020

Astrology chart of the United States

With Current transits -By Sitora Yusufiy

Let me start off by saying there are currently 4 planets retrograde and 3 more that will go retrograde before the end of the year. (Major reflections and Karma clearing) We are also starting the season of eclipses with the Lunar Eclipse on June 5th…

The Eclipses throughout history have been known as forceful pushes by the Universe for growth. Ancient people actually feared the Eclipses because they believed the Eclipses bring or release the anger of Gods for anything out of balance or malicious. Lunar Eclipses are known for bringing out extreme and eccentric emotions…in any which direction…but the emotions that are often left unresolved or repressed. Current protests are connected to the building up for this Lunar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipses are actually know to bring natural disasters, Earth quakes, tsunamis, catastrophes…etc…Which through the pain and despair of of the destruction of the old...inevitably brings no choice but to create a completely new reality.

Rising Sign of the US is in Sagittarius-

The Lunar Eclipse is in Sagittarius on June 5th…14 Degrees Sag, which is in almost exact conjunction with the Ascendant cusp of America…Which means yeah…this Lunar Eclipse is GREATLY impacting this country…and more importantly the direction of this county. The Rising sign is generally the sign that the being GROWS into…and its the sign that it presents to the public. Being the cusp of the first house this is also the sign of the Ego, identity, and self realization, independence… Lunar Eclipse brings forth the shadows that are usually pretty much displays them for everyone to see. Get ready to witness what’s behind the Ego driven intentions under the guise of noble morals and standards which can often be found in the lower frequency of Sagittarius. With a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius we can ask ourselves, or the country at large because it hits the country directly on the rising sign… What is the intention? What is the purpose? Where is the current direction of politics, economics and the entire establishment of the United States MEANT TO TAKE US? Where are we moved by ego and where are we actually tuning in to higher purpose? Sagittarius is supposed to represent FREEDOM and HIGHER PURPOSE, this is the Higher Path of this country….how is this integrity being upheld? Are we truly free today or is it only an ILLUSION of freedom? Around the Lunar Eclipse you may see more evidence of the PLANDEMIC…and the agenda of the Shadow Government. For some this will be as confirmation and further awakening...and acceptance... For others...the ego might not handle it...and thats where you'll see intense emotions come out. I personally am mind boggled that people can't FATHOM that their own country and government would be betraying and enslaving them...but then again I was born during a pandemic and the collapse of the Soviet a formerly Soviet country... I AM the REVOLUTION. (as are most millennials)

Sun in Cancer-

There is a Solar Eclipse IN CANCER on June 20th- (I wish…you could see my expression right now.) So all of the eclipses are connected to each other like a series or sequences. The Lunar Eclipse of June 5th opens a portal of this country’s shadow work…bringing EVERYTHING to light. But the thing is you’re still left with a choice of acknowledging the shadows…and consciously transmuting them by owning them and using them as fuel for progressive action….OR you can literally pretend like you’re blind and deaf, and keep playing the narrative feeds your own ego. BUT…when the Solar Eclipse comes…there’s a greater force of action…as I stated earlier Solar Eclipses bring the energy of catastrophies. So accept it or not...we're all in for a rude awakening.

Let me just go into more detail about the Sun of the United States being in Cancer in the 7th house along with Jupiter, Venus and Mars…this is called a STELLIUM in the 7th house of America which is the house of partnerships, committed relationships…business partnerships etc…A stellium is 4 or more planets in one house.

With all these planets being here it confirms the way United States has a pattern of receiving resources and power as well as recognition and ego boost from partnerships with other countries.

Jupiter and Venus represent opportunities for expansion growth and money…Which basically means the US sleeps with and makes committed contracts with other countries for money and resources. China? UAE?

Also Mars is in the house…and Mars stands for war, and everything military and competition, which confirms that the contracts also supply and trade military resources and fund wars. (Are you a believe in Astrology yet?)

So the Solar Eclipse which is supposed to be a MAJOR global collective shakedown is happening in THIS house…with the stellium... So around the Solar Eclipse you may see unpleasant news (for the US) that have to do with either China or another big partnership country. Which could cause tragic events… especially because this Solar Eclipse is also squaring Mars, which as I stated before is the planet of war, military, force, and dominance. (A square is the most challenging aspect in Astrology)

Neptune is also right next to Mars and he brings on the illusions and deciet…for those that still have the space to swallow lies…at this point its kind of being force fed though.

The other culprit in this Solar Eclipse portal is good old Saturn…who brings on limitations and restrictions, separation, fear and all sorts of fun challenges.

Also, United States is going through a Chiron Return period…where it goes through a deep phase of death and rebirth, which lasts more than a few years, around 8 or 9 to be exact…And it started just a few years ago…so it l hasn’t reached its peak yet…

ALL of this may come in the form of a full force martial law that results in a revolution, a lot of planets are pointing to this.

There is a potential overthrow as well …as I compare the collapse of the Roman Empire and the similarities then…

We know that the Solar eclipse is happening in the PARTNERSHIP house of the Country…A partner suddenly OPENLY turning into the enemy?

Rome Collapsed on MAY 29…around the same time of year…and Pluto and Neptune were in the same signs…as they are now..

So ‘Merica…I love you…and I hold space for you…

I hold space for the illumination of all the shadows that this country actually carried with a great deal of toxic karma from the very start of its foundation…

In fact it carried this toxic karma from the British, that is quite literally shown with the Chiron(trauma) of this country being in the 4th house of ancestry and foundational roots… That trauma caused by the British was never resolved…and it morphed and manifested in other modes of ABUSE and SLAVERY toward its own people. There are SO many additional confirmations of the destruction of this system ..

Such as the Pluto Return...who is in retrograde right now...bringing out all of the secrets and skeletons...

Karma is about to be A BITCH to this establishment. Cheers to death and rebirth. We need this revolution. We need this rebirth. And you know this.

Sending you my love during these times. #astrologyreading

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