New Super Black Moon in Virgo- Horoscopes

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

The New Moon on August is a Super Moon(closest perigee to the Earth) and a Black Moon, in the sign of Virgo.

There is definitely much to look forward to with this New Moon as it sets the beginning of a fresh new Cycle.

The Moon and Sun are conjoint which already signifies a balance of emotional and mental energy. It’s recommended to start new projects and ventures with New Moons.

The Moon and Sun are also conjunct Mars, which would usually bring up conflicts, arguments, impulses and so on, but because Venus is also conjunct the Moon, Sun and Mars, she is balancing his aggressive, masculine energy with her feminine grace, beauty and softness. There is a lot of balancing of the feminine and masculine happening, within and without. Mars and Venus also means plenty of energy, drive and creativity. You may notice your relationships healing and evolving. It is also very possible to meet a new Love interest that will prove to be a compatible match.

Mercury is also in Virgo conjunct the Moon and Sun, he brings forth the intellectual expression and communication, which will help us move forward in whatever we are doing. Mercury likes to get things done and communicate clearly. In Virgo he is at home, and with the stellium of balanced masculine and feminine planets there is wonderful potential to get creative and execute a lot of ideas in an organized matter.

All of this energy being in Virgo though does signify we will be working internally and focusing on practicality. We need to close off any loose ends and complete whatever needs to be completed. As we do that we will gain clarity and make solid intentions and manifestation goals for the next phase of our life.

There is more good news about this New Super Moon, there is a Grand Earth Trine between the Stellium in Virgo, Uranus and Saturn. Uranus and Saturn are both known as challenging planets but this time they are shining a positive light, a Grand Earth Trine to the New Moon, Sun, Mars and Venus. An Earth Trine brings manifestation in the physical form. I see new relationships or reunions, as well as major career and financial leaps. The hard work beings to pay off. Whew.

Now for...


Note: Horoscopes are always calculated by the Rising sign aka the Ascendant, NOT the Sun sign. For whatever reason many horoscope reports don't actually tell you this.

Aries Rising: It is a high time for creativity and romance. Have fun and enjoy this wonderful time. Finances look good too, Venus and Jupiter are blessing up your daily work and services and keeping you busy.

Taurus Rising: There is a lot going on with family. You are able to communicate and express yourself better. Family issues are being resolved and healed, which is helping you gain a new level of self realization and acceptance. This is because you’ve been able to let go of something psychologically, subconsciouly, energetically or emotionally.

Gemini Rising: This is a major productive time for you. So much is happening in your immediate environment and community and it may feel like you in the center of it all as the transmitter of information. Lots of new ideas are transpiring and you are definitely encourages to share them and put them to action, spread the divine messages coming through. A relationship healing or beginning may be on the horizon as well.

Cancer Rising: There are wonderful changes with your resources and finances, you may be going through a positive shift in your income. Your daily routine is also changing, aligning you with a new start in your career path. You’ve been toiling hard, and the blessings are on their way, fill your heart with gratitude and share the abundance.

Leo Rising: The New Super Black Moon is transiting your first house. Your entire personality is getting an upgrade. Your area of interest in studies has been shifting a lot lately but research and work you have been doing is definitely bringing some deep internal self realization which helps boost confidence and everything that follows. Go ahead and shine, step into your higher self within your heart and express your truth.

Virgo Rising: A deep internal transformation is happening. A rebirth is in process as this New Moon in your Ascendant is transiting your 12th house of subconscious. The internal work you have been doing will definitely start manifesting externally within the month of September. Be patient and and gentle with yourself, take much time to meditate and tune in to the subconscious messages coming through right now.

Libra Rising: You’re very involved within a group of friends, community or organization. There is a big chance you will develop a close relationship with someone from this community, either business of romantic. Communicate clearly about what you wish to achieve.

Scorpio Rising: Your career/reputation is taking shape and taking off. You’ve had to through ups and downs with the daily grind and finances lately, but its definitely coming back multiplied. Your routine has had a drastic change too and is more in alignment with your work in the world. Just don’t let it over-inflate your ego, as Jupiter in your first house can do. Remain humble and grateful.

Sagittarius Rising: You’ve been going through a whole identity change. Everyone has to some extent, but the Saturn and Pluto Rx are right in your first house, your physical appearance may have changed a lot since before the summer. You’ve had to deal with some intense sudden changes with children. This New Moon is bringing a major shift in your beliefs, which will raise you into a higher frequency. Keep the faith strong, it will all fall into place.

Capricorn Rising: You’ve recently had to deal with unexpected news in your family. Saturn and Pluto are Rx in your 12th house, you’ve been surfacing and resolving a lot I your subconscious and internal world. This New Black Super Moon is transiting your 8th house, you can be elevated to a whole new level with the rebirth of power through intimate relationships.

Aquarius Rising: You’ve been changing your environment, the people you surround yourself with. You’ve had to learn some important lessons regarding friendships and organizations. With the New Moon in your 7th house, this will open the space for new relationships or partnerships that will support your growth. Be clear on what you want in a partnership or marriage and make those intentions, you’ve been making the space so the Universe wants to bless you with a fulfilling relationship.

Pisces Rising: Your career in the world has been changing, and is probably not the same it was before the summer. Your finances may have taken a hit. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. The delays and obstacles helped you focus on your health and restructure your routine so you’re balancing work and daily life. A relationship or business partnership may be manifesting. Set your intentions for this New Moon.

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