New Moon in Aquarius- Truth is Freedom


…What a past few weeks it has been. So many layers have been unearthed, layers of drudgery from an old paradigm on its way out. The thorns which have grown to surround these layers have tried to grip and scratch at anything they can on their way out.

Separation has been the theme.

Separation from an unhealthy system or routine, separation from an unhealthy relationship, from toxic famil, and most importantly…separation from the part of you that kept holding on to all of these things. Shedding lifetimes of programming, transmuting generations of DNA. It has been no easy feat. But I feel with the coming of this New Moon we’re turning over a new leaf. At least until the next purge.

The last Full Moon in Cancer in conjunction with Uranus direct and the Saturn Pluto conjunction, opened a pandoras box of destructive programming from within the individual and collective energy field.

Those of us that have been doing the work, and reflecting on every occurrence from a higher and deeper perspective are inevitably more sensitive and are currently feeling quite raw, and still processing a great deal. But this major aspect has effected everyone one way or another.

This past two weeks were the most massive amount of purging that I have seen in my life so far. It’s no wonder most astrologers consider the Saturn Pluto conjunction as the most profound and important time we will experience in our lives. And potentially the most brutal.

As the Moon is reborn in Aquarius, new perceptions are blossoming. We can see and feel everything from a much higher perspective than ever before. And we are being extra aware and mindful of each step we take.

So what is it that you wish to gift to the world?

Your True Self perhaps?

Your unhindered Truth and Heart, without feeling any shame or guilt for being who you are.

The Sun and Moon are both squaring Uranus, which means whatever is restraining you from freedom to live this truth is being provoked so you can break free from it.

The choice is always with you BUT Saturn and Pluto are also squaring Uranus, which brings up endings/resolution of Karmic cycles and destruction of what no longer serves your highest purpose. Change is happening whether you want it or not. All of this has been going on simultaneously, and in many layers.

It's interesting this incredible Ascension pattern that I, and I'm sure many have been observing. It comes in waves... the purge, the integration, the upgrade…so on and on…it's mind blowing.

Aquarius asks your newfound awareness to be expressed and explored fully.

This is how we anchor in a Higher Paradigm.

Venus Square Mars, brings up interesting dynamics within relationships. A friction that which can be healthy and envigorating. But it can also lead to power struggles. Which is totally aligned with grander theme of the Masculine and Feminine finding balance. Re-uniting the Masculine System with Feminine Nature.

Sun and Moon in Sextile with Chiron. We can really utilize the lessons we have learned and continue learning. The traumatic experiences that we have sifted through and processed are now coming in extra handy. They are the keys that open the doors to your full potential.

The New Moon aligns with the Lunar Imbolc which is know by Pagan tradition as the day of Brigid the Celtic Goddess of the ending of Winter and coming of Spring. We are starting to witness warmer days, first sprouts, new growth. It is a wonderful time for a ritual to Honor Brigid and the coming Spring.

If you are launching or starting anything new, these few days are the best time to do it, before Mercury goes Retrograde next month. Plan your trips ahead of time, so that you're more relaxed during the retrograde and can slow down to reflect. Whatever major actions you want to take or contracts you need to sign...the following 3 days would be the best time.

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