New Moon in Leo 8.18. 20 - Heart Forward

Sun, Moon and Mercury are conjunct in Leo, enter the Heart portal.

If there is one intention for this New Moon that would fit every single one of us in this collective process of transformation, it is to fully occupy our Heart center. This is literally the key and the only way to navigate the challenging maze of rebirth. Without embodying and being firm in our Heart center we are scattered and swept away with everything around us.

The New Moon is in a fire trine with Mars, Black Moon Lilith and Asteroid Lilith. Justice is prevailing. There is SO much action both within and without. As well as a lot of fire burning away the outdated programs.

We are having to process and integrate a lot in very little time. But if you recognize the interconnectedness between everything it all happens effortlessly. Making space means manifesting. Embracing your shadow means strengthening you Light. Showing up with vulnerabilities means realizing your full power and potential.

Show up with your Light and Dark embraced equally. This is the highlighted function of Lilith, both Liliths. When we OWN our ego and shadow we become fearless in our WHOLE Truth. The Truth is in our deepest core, which above all for every single one of us is our SOVEREIGNTY. This is exactly what is needed, called for and fought for at this time.

Freedom means no one and nothing has control or dominance over us and our actions. Understand that this happens only when you work on yourself and consistently discipline your ego and integrate your shadows. Lilith is an archetype of shadows, the total illumination and acceptance of our shadows is what liberates us in every way. Sun, Moon and Mercury in Leo can help us illuminate and bring light to these areas, using them as tools for transformation and empowerment.

This New Moon asks you to move into and activate your Heart, so that your actions can come from a place of love and acceptance. The Heart is the bridge between our lower chakras and the higher chakras, which means its the merging of dark and light. Heart is where the balance of the masculine and feminine energies takes place.

We are being asked to activate this portal for creating the New Earth with love. We are at a VERY auspicious and demanding time. We are being asked to step up as conscious co-creators of our reality here on this planet. It is time to reclaim our power fully, this is the process and only way we will be able to restore balance and harmony on Earth for all life.

Suggestions for this New Moon in Leo:

Fire ceremonies and rituals are very supported. You may want to have a bon fire and burn away some old items, do this safely please.

Its a good time to take risks, start new projects, get creative with your ideas and actually put them out there. We will feel more confident and energized but we may also feel more irritable and frustrated if we are not releasing and channeling this active energy OUT. So use this.

Speak your truth and stand up for what you believe in. There is a lot of injustice and corruption in the world and the only way it will change is if we speak out and do something about it. Make intentions and take action. Your unique expression is so important and very needed right now. Its also a great time for fun activities and socializing, since we have more courage to be ourselves we will most likely make wonderful connections and impressions.



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