New MOON in Pisces-Letting Go to Manifest

Moon and Sun trine N.N sextile S.N. & Mars Were given a lot of support and easy in detaching from past karmic patterns. Whatever needs to be released or closed off will be made clear, it's your opportunity to take action and set those boundaries.

Moon & Sun conjunct Mercury Rx. This is taking us deeper into the the subconscious realms where our dreams reside. We are reconnecting with our passion, whatever it is that sets our soul on fire. Let your emotions take you there…

The question to ask yourself is...are you nurturing your passion?

Are you making the time and space to follow the wild creativity of your Soul?

This transitional time we are in as a collective is making us do just this...dive deep into our being and dig up what we have forgotten or lost in our childhood. Our fire, our wonder, our zest for life. This is the key to we came there to enjoy.

This will only become available to us when we learn to let go of expectations of how anything should fully embodying the present moment.

A message that came to me again during meditation is that we have to do our best to follow our inspiration at any given moment. This is what it means to be allow the flow of magick through you.

This is what this New Moon offers for us now. If you have been neglecting your creativity, plant seeds by reconnecting with it and opening up your channels. If you need inspiration meditate and remember the things that make you come alive.

This is also a GREAT New Moon to release the past. Pisces is the water element that carries ancient memory, ancestral karma, pains & can have a ritual to cleanse yourself completely and cut cords from past relationships.

That's the other thing that's highlighted this New Moon, relationships...

Venus is squaring Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter….If there is an unhealthy excess, obsession, dominance, co-dependence or manipulation in the relationship, whether it comes from you or the other person, it will be brought up under a magnifying glass. You will have the choice of continuing the negative cycles or liberating yourself. Choose Freedom, is what the Universe is urging. Uranus is sprinkling his rebellious and intolerable energy by sextupling the Moon and trining Mars, sudden changes or breakthroughs are highly possible.

The Earth, The Universe, Your ancestors, Angels, Ascended masters… they need you to be free to realize your highest potential and most joyous reality.

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