New Moon in Sagittarius-New Horizons

With the start of Sagittarius season we may have felt a shift in our energy and emotions, the vibe has lightened up for sure…

Unless of course you’re starting your Moon (Menses) cycle with this New Moon in Sag. Which means you are still clearing out the emotional residue of Scorpio season madness. I am. 

And this is wonderful...As a collective we have undergone another MASSIVE shift this past Scorpio season. Every time we plunge into our shadows, which Scorpio makes you do inevitably, we emerge reborn, with a higher perspective and capacity. New ideas and aspirations are the outcome, especially when Mercury’s retrograde in Scorpio. 

I was going through it this morning, a major wave of emotions hit me and I found myself crying for a good 30 minutes. I’ve been able to observe some interesting patterns when my moon cycles aligns with the transition of a season and a full or new moon. It becomes more of a collective release. This goes for all women that are in alignment with the phases. I start feeling everyone SO MUCH

So anywho, if you are experiencing this you’re not alone. 

This is going to be an interesting Full Moon especially because its aligning so close to Thanksgiving. 

The Moon and Sun are trining Chiron, which can bring great awareness and also a creative release for our wounds. A trine means opportunities or easy growth. So if something does come up, let it come, stay aware, feel it and channel it in a healthy way, it will be fairly easy to. A childhood wound is likely to re-surface, especially with family around, but again we have the choice of transmuting it from a higher perspective. We are in Sagittarius whose purpose is to seek higher wisdom. This will be happening to heal a deeper part of you so you can step into this new season with less weight. Sagittarius wants us to explore, to seek, to find purpose, to enjoy... lightening the load is essential to do this.

Leading up to the New Moon will be a good time to consciously do some internal work as the moon is Waning Crescent in Scorpio. you DEFINITELY want to make a clear distinction of what it is you’re letting go of. It could be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, or all of the above. More often than not this well be happening regardless if you put effort into it or not. Just when it does come up to be released, recognize it. 

As Jupiter and Venus in conjunction square Chiron, our beliefs and ways of relating are also evolving. Evolution is always a dance between loss and victory.

The way I’ve experienced it, the more were challenged, the more we grow...and Im here to grow. So the challenges are rather stimulating but comforting.

With that said, we can expect improvements, transitions & financial opportunities as Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius brings us motivation, inspiration and resources for the new year. Shoot your arrows high and far to the stars...make space for a magnificent 2020.

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