New Moon in Scorpio-Depths of Transformation

Sun and Moon station conjunct in Scorpio at 11:11 pm on October 27th. First Scorpio is guiding us to our inner world, to our depth, and darkness also. Scorpio embodies the true power and freedom that comes from acknowledging and accepting ALL that is there, the Dark as well as the Light.

This New Moon is asking us to take a deeper look at ourselves, where we are, what we have experienced this past year and where we are desiring to be in the near future. When you plant seeds, you have to make sure the soil is right, the temperature is right, the lighting is right. Scoprio asks us to sift out all that no longer serves us within the depths of our emotions as well as our subconscious psyche, so that the seeds we plant have the appropriate soil to actually come to fruition. What happens is if we don’t face, process and resolve our emotions they will creep up like weeds and become obstacles for our dreams to manifest. You’re LITERALLY sifting the soil. Take out the excess rocks and roots and leaflets of past life forms that are not serving a purpose anymore. This is not a comfortable process by the way, it can be tedious, it can be tiring, painful and just nasty to look at some of the stuff that comes out from the depths of underground. 

A lot of people are quite literally being transplanted too. The Universe is taking you to another environment, which is more suited for your growth. Lots of moving and transitioning happening. For those that are aware and aligned with the changes and patterns of the Universe this is quite an exciting time, change and movement is a WONDERFUL thing.

The strongest aspect during this New Moon is the exact Sun and Moon opposition to #Uranus in #Taurus. Uranus is known for unexpected surprises, doesn’t have to be good or bad, but something can come out of the blue, again, it simply depends on how you deal with sudden changes. I personally love them! I love my life spontaneous and spicy with a good dose of unpredictability. I think it’s a great remedy for stagnation. The details of the changes will depend on what house the Sun and Moon are transiting in your chart, as well as Uranus. The fact that he’s in Taurus could mean it has to do with relationships and or finances, and #Scorpio brings deep internal transformation which can be somehow connected to sexuality, the root chakra, and self acceptance.

Another strong aspect during this New Moon is the exact square between #Mars and Saturn. This can be a stifling and frustrating energy. We may be feeling revved up about something just to have #Saturn intersect our high vibes and cause us to slow down with some nuance. This transit can also bring up conflicts connected to our past, or from a male paternal figure.

Not the best time to start or especially launch new projects or ventures. Remember that were still sifting the soil and making sure we have the right environment internally for our dreams to #manifest. This takes a great deal of patience, careful planning and organization. This is the best way to focus your time and energy this New Moon.

Of course, add to all of this that we are in the #Mercury #Retrograde shadow period, and He will be stationing Rx on October 31st, immediately following the New #Moon. Mercury Retrograde is not the time to start new contracts, projects or business ventures. Planning for it, taking courses or studying about it is the thing to do now.

Wishing you all a wonderfully profound New Moon, though Scorpio is emotionally intense, it is also extremely powerful for out evolution and shift into higher perspective.

If you would like to schedule a personal reading and look at your stars during this time of transformation you can email me at to book a free consultation.

With love and gratitude,


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