New Moon in Taurus- Sustainable Stability

Updated: May 20, 2021

May 11, 2021

If change is the only constant then true stability can only be cultivated from within. It is something unseen, it is not material but the material depends on it.

We all just experienced an intense shake up with the Supermoon in Scorpio. Scorpio energy definitely brought up insecurities and instability because it takes us deep into the underworld of our psyche, the shadows, the unknown. Scorpio is the polar opposite of Taurus. Transformation and Stability are two sides of the same coin here. With Uranus, Lilith, Saturn being heavily involved in the last full moon we all experienced a deep purge and release which may have come about unexpectedly with more of a shock. We were forced to let go of really old expectations and attachments. Granted this will throw you off balance and have you stumbling to regain stability again.

This is where New Moon in Taurus comes in to support us with steady grounding and movement to regain a deeper stability after we've made so much space and uncovered more of our true self, which feels like raw new skin.

So the question is, how do we use this energy to our advantage? In what ways has this last full moon pushed you to find stability?

After the death of our old version we are reborn to gain a new momentum and anchor in tangible improvements on the focused areas of our life.

The Moon and Sun in Taurus conjunct with Lilith, there are expectation and fears that we need to let go of in order to be confident and grounded to welcome the peace and abundance that is on it way. These patterns have either already emerged or they will beconfronted with this full moon.

There is also a lot of creative and sexual energy here that can be used to your advantage. You should have more insight and discernment on how to respond to and utilize these patterns, this is what changes everything.

Pluto is also here in a trine with the Sun and Moon which gives us power and drive to succeed.

On this New Moon in Taurus we are using the ashes of our old selves, previously burned by Scorpio Supermoon, as fertilizer for our dreams and higher goals that will be stable and sustainable if we utilize this energy wisely.

Detach from expectations and put your Soul into what you are cultivating.

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