New Moon in Virgo- Redefining Health

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

This New Moon is in Virgo, practical organization and self improvement that leads to Higher Purpose and Greater Good.

What is needed for dreams to manifest? Productive and effective work. What is needed for productive work? Health and balance.

The month of October has two Full Moons which means the second one is a Blue Moon, this is a magical time of miracles and far out manifestations.

We can really plant those seeds and put in the work in every way during this New Moon cycle.

The Sun and Moon are in a strong square with the Nodes. This brings pressure from our past life times (SN), through habits, patterns & beliefs that need to be transmuted to align with our Higher Purpose (NN).

The New Moon is also squaring Asteroid Lilith conjunct SN. Breaking through old self sabotage. Lilith is magnifying everything stagnant in our belief systems that have manifested into physical issues. There is no bypassing the inner/shadow work to liberate yourself from the same habits that become blockages. That's the requirement to be able to rise higher.

The New Moon trines Saturn & Pluto, personally this supports us with focus and discipline to get things done and initiated in terms of health, routine, and practical endeavors for life on Earth. Collectively we are making health improvements and organizing evolved structures for the New Earth.

New Moon opposition Neptune, this helps us access our wildest imagination, dreams and ideals toward which we are striving with all this Virgo movement. Some people work better under pressure and this is a perfect example of this energy.

Mercury square Jupiter. Jupiter went direct on the 13th, in close alignment to the New Moon, all of which supports new energies and beginnings. What you initiate with the intention of improvement during this time is sure to expand and unfold even more opportunities.

With Mercury the ruler of Virgo squaring Jupiter can bring mental overwhelm because we are expanding so much.

Last night I dreamt of a plot of land with fertile damp soil ready for planting seeds. This is what the New Moon brings, a healthy, fertile soil in which we can build our dreams. These new seeds have a huge opportunity to come to fruit in as little as a month or two because of the magical time we are in. However long they take though it is something very special and important that you should not sleep on.

What to expect:

The mind will definitely feel overwhelmed, so ground, meditate and slow down every chance you get. Do not judge yourself or others. Don't criticize the patterns that may come up, use them as guiding tools. Don't overanalyze the actions of others, it is a reflection of their internal state. Send everyone your love and best wishes no matter what and focus on your own journey.

How to navigate:

Take care of your health, mind, body, soul and spirit. Getting hands on and creative will be a great way to release, ground and connect. Theres a lot of FOCUSED energy and drive available, but you are responsible for directing it.


Virgo is a female Earth sign, the best way to connect and charge your ritual or meditation is with nature. Meditation will be important to quiet your potentially anxious mind. Make an offering to Mother Earth, ask for clear guidance, directions and opportunities to align with your Highest Purpose and best life.

Write down and affirm what you're intending, planning and manifesting. You can read it out loud after you make your offering to Mother Earth.

With Love & Gratitude


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