New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Cancer-Karmic Cleanse

It’s a very interesting, and inevitably intense time. 

This time last year we were going through a similar cycle of death and rebirth, with 5 retrogrades and back to back eclipses. 

Everything flows in patterns... a rhythm, and right now the Earth is in deep cleansing cycles and we are just about to enter the peak of it all. 

The New Moon and Solar eclipse in Cancer is the The Divine Mother stepping into action. She is quite literally giving birth to a new you. Which, if you have never given birth, let me just tell f*cking painful, to both the Mother and the Child. 

What is so beautiful about this process is also what is so painful. 

The Sun and Moon in Cancer are opposing Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. The Divine Feminine is literally piercing through all of the most calcified and stagnant energy that remained in your being for lifetimes and thought it could fully manifest in this lifetime. But this is where you make the choice, to break free, go through, face the fear, face the pain, cleanse and release it. 

The North Node is conjunct the Sun and Moon while the South node is conjunct Saturn and Pluto Rx, which is yet another channel through which the old is being released to make way for the New Paradigm. 

This means a lot of us are having to leave behind fundamental perceptions that have shaped our old life. This can manifest in the form of leaving or quitting the job that is not aligned with your highest calling. It can manifest as ending or resolving relationships of all dynamics that are not serving your highest purpose and supporting your evolution. 

We are also healing a lot of ancestral karma so a lot may be surfacing with family members which needs to be cleared as well. You may be receiving messages signs and guidance through visions, dreams, numbers, voices, feelings and a deep intuition. 

The intensity or challenge of this period will depend on how much you’ve been doing to heal and work on yourself. The more you trained you are at any field or skill the more you can handle. This applies to spirituality, evolution and ascension. Those of us that have been on this path and commit to working on ourselves every day have more tools and experience to navigate these periods with much more ease, but that means we are also responsible and accountable for much more. It is our duty to tune in to these currents and navigate them to bring about more healing and transformation not just into our own lives but into the lives of others. 

The most crucial thing to do at this time is connect with your inner self, with your deepest emotions. Focus on your individual path, because that is the only way you will be able to influence any change and healing for the rest of existence. Which is desperately in need of this. The World needs us to focus on our own healing and INTERNAL TRANSFORMATION. 

Change never was, and never will be an external process, you are still in the illusion if you believe this. We all are feeling the urge to do something in this chaotic process of our Earth shifting poles and raising her vibrational frequency. And the one MOST EFFECTIVE and important thing to do right now is look within yourself. Meditate, practice what heals you. Feed yourself only that what nourishes you to radiate your highest self. 

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