Uranus Retrograde 2020

Uranus stations retrograde from August 15th 2020 to January 1st 2021.

Uranus is in Taurus, which means he will fixate his energy in this sign, and the house that it occupies in your personal chart.

Uranus is the planet of change & breakthroughs. His purpose is to expand our consciousness and capabilities by exploring what may be taboo for the social "norm".

We have all been experiencing MAJOR life changes since the beginning of this month, to say the least. Uranus retrograde means these changes slow down and may be less intense and shocking as recently. Uranus is perceived as moving backwards in the cosmos, thats what a retrograde means. So his energy won't be active in forward motion reaching further ahead and all around the solar system. He is backtracking and putting all his focus in the sign of Taurus and its house in your natal chart.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, money, beauty, art, pleasure, relations and much more. So the active force of Uranus will be reviewing and making the necessary changes in these areas. Add to this the fact that the Moon and Venus will be in sextile with Uranus as he goes retrograde, positive and sudden changes in relationships, love & finances are happening.You may meet someone new, or receive a wonderful opportunity or new job. This years Uranus retrograde definitely starts off with a great vibe. Which I think we will all be extra grateful for right now.

With Uranus in Taurus we do really need to be ok with letting go, whether its ideas or circumstances, or people. We will have to practice detachment and make space for the changes and opportunities of Uranus. For some people this will be harder than others. Honor where you are and understand that every retrograde, every eclipse every every square are actually the biggest forces for POSITIVE change. It just doesn't FEEL like it when its painful. But the process of going through the unpleasant or uncertain emotions during change is what results in emotional and spiritual growth. This is what makes us evolve, expand, grow, open our minds, most importantly open our hearts.

Uranus also makes a weaker trine to Jupiter Rx. This can bring wonderful surprises or fortune, it can also birth revolutionary creative ideas. Expect the unexpected miracles....always.

Later in Uranus Retrograde period, close to December, we will see some REALLY intense changes collectively. Uranus Rx will be in perfect conjunction with Lilith, squaring the Jupiter & Saturn exact conjunction, that combination to me says opposition and rebellion. Jupiter conjunct Saturn brings totalitarian restrictions and forced control, Uranus exact with Lilith is full on rebellion and revolution, its untamable freedom. It's going to be shake the world in a way we haven't seen yet. It will be connected to economic social structures with Taurus and Capricorn energy, we may see a stock market crash that leads to civil unrest.

How to navigate this Uranus retrograde:

This retrograde will last until the first day of 2021, so it's the rest of 2020. Since Uranus is making positive aspects during the beginning of its retrograde it will offer new blessings in love and money. Later on we need to be as light, grounded, and connected as possible to our Source to really be able to move through it.

What you can start working on now is consistently lightening your energy, raising your frequency. Let go of EVERYTHING than you no longer need or is serving a higher purpose in your life. The more space you make the better universe can equip you with the needed tools and connections to ride the following stages.

Rest and nourish yourself! The next few months may slow down just enough to give you some energizing breathers. When Mars retrogrades we will have to face a lot more anger from within and all around. As much as you can do to discipline, and strengthen your entire being, the better it will be for you and others. Often times strengthen means give necessary amount of rest.

It is a wonderful time for manifestation and visualization as Uranus starts retrograding. Manifest not just for yourself but for the collective as well. See everyone healed, and in their higher self. Visualize everyone in abundance and freedom. Visualize this entire planet thriving with life and harmony. As the coming changes unfold we really need to crystalize the best outcomes, which happens in our individual work, and daily self care practice.



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