We are faced with a choice right now. 

To Ascend with the Earth,  or crumble with the outdated toxic system.


What is happening globally is a reflection of what is happening within each human internally. The disregard that political systems have had for our Planet, our Source, is the same disregard that we have adopted for our selves. A system that runs on automatic production, without acknowledging the deeper truth of life. The Spirit that is in everything. 

Anxiety, depression, stress, fear, doubt, anger…all of these stem from unconsciousness. From a human who does not know yet who he or she truly is.  Most of us are detached from our true self and attached to a superficial illusion society. Our true self is Source. 


So the transformation is actually a return to your Source. Through that you ascend higher on your path and evolve to higher states of being. You become aware of energy, of your own energy and of the energy around you, and you learn how to master it.

Everything is perception…that means it’s in the mind. Your mind controls you, controls your energy, and thus controls your reality. Your task is to learn how to control your mind, change your perception and consciously manifest a better reality, one that is aligned with your Higher Truth, one where you are living your most fulfilling life. 

But here's the thing, gaining control of your mind is no easy task, it is actually the greatest challenge for every human being. Your mind is incredibly powerful, so if it controls you, it can destroy you.


How do I know this? 


I’ve gone through the process....

A hypersensitive empath feeling everything too deeply, not realizing how much I’m absorbing from others. I grew up thinking there is something wrong with me for being so sensitive and emotional. Living in a society that sees emotions and depth as weakness, I sought to validate myself. I sought acceptance and love outside of myself. 

I was abused as a child, emotionally, mentally and physically, until I was 18, then I ran away. I got married at 20, following my cultural traditions. My ex husband started beating me a month after our marriage. 5 months later I was rescued from him. Thats more than a decade of trauma, from this lifetime alone. 


The aftermath of that was the trauma that was stamped deep in my subconscious. This developed toxic thought patterns which kept manifesting painful experiences. I often felt worthless, undeserving of anything decent. Anxiety and depression was my norm. I fell deep into the victim role. I escaped into the nightlife scene to numb the internal pain and loneliness.  And I nearly lost my life, more than once.


Until one day...

I was quite literally saved by angels. They showed me I had a choice to change my life ASAP or to go to the point of no return, where I lose my life altogether. I chose change.


They guided me every step of the way, I listened and followed. My life started transforming before my eyes. Literally every aspect was falling into place. I found myself happy, healthy, with a job I loved, and with my relationships in harmony.

But it didn’t end there...

I was stepping into my Higher Purpose.


Soon after, I was faced with a Higher Path. I had the opportunity to leave my city job, the balanced life I had established, and embark upon the unknown. My Spiritual path was calling me, and it was a call I could not ignore. Fast forward to today, I have my own alchemy practice, offering healing through herbs, astrology, and spirituality. I facilitate spiritual ceremonies, workshops and retreats all over the world. I am a full time mom. And best of all I get the reward of witnessing my fellow humans go from struggling victim to powerful co-creators of their reality, living in freedom and balance.


If I could achieve this with all the odds I had stacked against me….you can achieve what deep down you know you’re meant for. Your purpose is to be your absolute best version, and unlock you best life. The only way we can all create a better reality in the world is when we ourselves are truly balanced, happy and free.


This program was instructed to me by my ascended guides because I went through the brutal experiences to give it life. My journey has been a deep journey of healing, transformation and liberation. My purpose is to offer that to you. 

The Ascension

A 7 week journey to transformation and self mastery













Image by Lori Menna @cosmiccollage


In 7 weeks:

~Learn how to meditate

~Connect with your internal Source

~Learn and implement healthy conscious nutrition

~Learn how to use healing herbs

~Identify root of toxic patterns

~Release energetic blocks

~Awaken your creativity

~Process unresolved emotions

~Connect with your angels, ascended masters, ancestors.

~Set boundaries to protect yourself energetically

~Balance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body

~Raise your frequency

You will have the complete toolkit to master your energy and ascend into the powerful co-creator that you came here to be.

Full payment of $555

or 2 payments of $300

"Your words spoke so much truth & shortly after I went on my journey with you, a tragedy hit which I was well prepared for & I knew it was going to happen but you prepared me & allowed me to understand & cope in ways. Your knowledge is priceless & you gave me something money can't buy."

-Kathrina Howerton