Sitora Yusufiy ​


I was born in the old mystical land of Central Asia, in Uzbekistan. My childhood was enchanted with gardens of roses, fruit trees, bare feet, oldest mountains and cleanest spring waters. My grandmother raised me with healing powers of Nature, poetry of our Sufi ancestors and the magick of the Persian magi. She shared the stories of the Moon and Stars as we laid under the clear night sky. My grandfather raised me with games of chess,  wisdom to work the soil,  philosophies of polymaths and intelligent jokes that give meaning to life. His never-ending zest and joyous wonder for life sparked the same in me. I was a budding mystic, artist, dancer, poet. 

I moved to the United States with my parents and everything changed. 

Culture shock, trying to understand and fit into what felt to me as a reality rooted in judgment and separation. 

My grandmother transitioned not long after and thats when you can say I completely lost myself. I felt like I lost the one being that helped me make sense of the world, which now seemed so strange and hostile. I was told by the most important person outside of me, that my art is not good enough, so, that also left me when I needed it the most.

You see I never  realized my sensitivity and emotional capacity were a thing until I came to a country that overstimulated to desensitization and figured emotions as weakness. Or perhaps it was the ancient way of love and life my grandparents blessed me with that made me "different" by all standards? 

I don't know.

As a first generation immigrant teenager in this country I was in constant destructive battle with many things. The need to fit in at school, the need to please my family and get married sooner than later. The need to understand why there are so many wars, atrocities and starving children in the world. The need to listen to my heart and  continue my art. The need to experience relationships outside of family. The need to break free from being so sheltered. I was depressed most of the time. At 18 I finally ran away and that broke the ice. I was so caged, I was jumping at any opportunity to leave my home and family. 

I experienced years of abuse and trauma, running away and running into worse. Domestic violence which then turned to substance abuse, and health issues as a result of seeking love and happiness outside of myself.

Eventually, probably a few months before I would've died, I had a dream. I was visited by two neon glowing figures with wings but no face. They showed me my life from a higher perspective. They explained that I was putting myself in extreme danger and if I don't change my environment then I won't be able to change the fate that I was headed towards.

I was raised with the importance of messages in dreams, so didn't dare to ignore it.

Little by little, I started changing every aspect of my life; diet, work, mindset, people, environments.

I started focusing on myself and learning everything I could to live a healthy life.

My life transformed pretty fast. I moved back in with my family, my work and potential improved, my relationships had less conflict and more harmony, my health was better than I could remember. 

It was as if all I had to do was make the choice, that I want to be happy and live my best life. 

Everything else sort of flowed in perfect alignment, or perhaps I was just more aware of the divine alignment in all  things, always.

Then came the initiation into deep healing and I found myself in the plant medicine world, healing and reclaiming my power. No this was not an easy process, it was basically reliving all of my traumas from this and past lifetimes, and feeling them deeply to transform them into the treasures they are.

My healing journey progressed into shamanic training, where I unlearned a lot of the systematic conditioning and remembered a lot of truth from different indigenous elders, as well as my own indigenous bloodlines. The wisdom of plants guided me to learn from the Stars, so I studied astrology. I then became a certified herbalist and devoted my life to stewarding the Earth and her children. I was also able to break through the barriers and beliefs that stopped me from healing and working through my art, dance and poetry.

We all know we live in a destructive fear based system that has been abusing Earth and all her children for centuries. My whole life I was looking for ways to change  this and create a better way of life, in harmony with Nature.

What I have found is that the only way I can do this is by embodying my raw, true, complete, and sovereign self, because I Am one with Source.

Pain and trauma that were a heavy weight I carried in silence, are now the treasures that adorn my inner and outer temple, shining through all of my senses and expressions.

I am grateful for the opportunity to offer myself as a shamanic practitioner, astrologer, herbalist, & transformative artist for the healing and sovereignty of all life.

I look forward to connecting and working with you.

Blessings, peace and love to you.