Sitora Yusufiy ​

I was initiated into herbalism and ancient healing traditions by my grandmother, who was initiated by her mother, and so on.

The magick and medicines of Mother Earth raised me in her rose gardens. In the summer I bathed in crystal spring waters, in the mountains of Tajikistan.

On my mothers side, my great grandfathers were Sufi Priests devoted to serving God

Music, dance, poetry, art, healing, mysticism... intense passion for life trickled down my bloodlines. 

Today I am an astrologer, herbalist, artist and shamanic practitioner, founder of Ishtar Alchemy and co-founder of Beydar.

Ive gone through a fair share of tragedies and trauma that I spent a lot of time and energy healing from. All of which of course was my training and initiation to be able to serve in the ways I do now.

Most people know me as the ex-wife of the Orlando Nightclub shooter. I was his victim and survived domestic violence 7 years prior to the shooting. I was rescued and lived to tell the story. No one would choose to be associated with this tragedy and violence, especially and empath as myself, who actually always cared too much about the welfare of the entire world. But it happened, and I was involuntarily dragged into the story. Well, this only fuels my fire and purpose in this world. Regardless of what happens to us, we have the choice and power to write our own story. We have the power to heal, transform and share it with others. I may have been once married to a man who then took 49 lives. But I am so much more than a shooters ex-wife. My work in this world has just begun.



Freedom. This is our ultimate mission. Freedom for humans. Freedom for animals. Freedom for plants. Freedom for waters. Freedom for our Mother Earth. 

We are aware, and quite tired of the establishments that monopolize on human, animal and Earth energy, exploit and abuse it to their own benefit. 

Most people are not free, in fact there is a very tiny percentage of people that are actually sovereign, in the full spectrum of the word. Sovereign in mind, body, emotions and Spirit. The Whole being. 

Most people are limited by financial circumstances, by health conditions, by the destructive cycle of toxicity and abuse which is propagated by a system that has been effectively failing humanity and the Planet for centuries. 

Our mission is to create a new system. A New Earth, where all life co-exists in harmony with their home planet. This movement requires and is only possible through a deep internal, individual, transformation, self healing and self love, which then manifest into love for All. Nature is the cure, she is our sustenance.

Ishtar Alchemy is a space for reconnecting with your Ancient Soul, with the help of plants, elements of Nature, wisdom of the Stars...and Spirit. Ishtar Alchemy is the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine principle and all that she stands for, within and without every aspect of our selves and lives. Health in the body. Peace in the mind. Balance in the emotions. Alignment in the Spirit.

Image by Victoria Strukovskaya