with Sitora Yusufiy

“Know Thyself”

Every moment, with every thought, word, intention, and action, 
we are choosing and creating our reality.

Do you choose to stay asleep, at the mercy of circumstances? 

Or do you choose to wake up to your own power? 

Do you choose to suffer through life as a victim?

 Or to thrive as a conscious creator of your reality?

In this world of odds, you have to exercise your choice and freedom, or it will be exercised for you. 

We are in the school of Alchemy…

Learning how to master our own energy and consciously co-create our reality.

We are collectively experiencing the greatest transformation in our recent human journey. It’s time for the individual and collective to wake up, shake off the false programs, and embody their Higher Truth. We are here to co-create with Nature and the Multiverse, as we are not separate from the All.  


The Wild Feminine Way

This is an inner journey of sovereignty. We dive into the unknown, uncharted territories within us, to remember, alchemize and reclaim. We return to and work with the Feminine energy, the energy and principle that has been deliberately hijacked and abused within our consciousness and experience. 

My approach is integrating my training and experience in herbalism, astrology, shamanism, art, and movement. I channel the Sacred Feminine in all Her aspects in all of my work. The Feminine is the portal to Source, she will remind you of your eternal Truth. 

We create an intentional space to clear energetic blocks, integrate subconscious programming, ancestral patterns, and rise in your Sovereign Power.With this awareness and embodiment you can consciously CREATE the reality you want for yourself and others. And together we can rebirth a New Earth.

This mentorship is for you, if you are ready to…

Free yourself from destructive programming and beliefs.

Shift out of victim mode into conscious creation.

Activate your feminine, creative, sexual energy.

Empower your inner child and live in joy.

Clear ancestral patterns and blocks.

Find your voice, express and experience more.

Activate your passion and share your gifts.

Learn astrology, herbalism and shamanism.

Learn how to work with your subconscious/interpret dreams.

Learn energy work for transformation.

Gain practical and spiritual tools.

Cultivate healthy relationships and connections.

Embody the Goddess within and birth a new paradigm.

Mentorship program is bi-weekly sessions, text & e-mail access for 3 months or more.