Wild Wombyn


with Sitora Yusufiy

It’s time you remember who you are.

Wombyn are portals of Source.  

 We have the innate power to transform and liberate ourselves under any circumstances. This is the power of our Wild Womb, the vessel of the Creation. With this power however also comes great responsibility. A responsibility to guide humanity back to their Truth, back to their Source. You are the medicine, and the planet needs you. You will not find health, joy or freedom, trying to fit into the mundane destructive reality under false toxic establishments. This is not you, this is not any of us. 

All dis-ease, imbalance, toxicity, stagnancy, in the body mind or spirit, roots in the illusion of separation from Source, and thus a disconnect from our True Self.


Sovereign, wild, embodiment is the best offering I can give to my sisters, to all of humanity and life on this Planet. 

 I’ve been questioning the status quo  and rebelling against false, toxic establishments since birth. I faced many years of oppression, abuse and trauma because of my wild feminine nature. I understood that this world is a game of energy. An incredibly expansive and exciting game, and you have to know yourself and embody your truth in order to master it. 

Understanding lead to the quest of sovereignty. I went through an intense awakening and initiated my healing journey in 2012. In 2013 I was brought into shamanism. In 2015 I was initiated into shamanic plant medicine apprenticeship. I dove deep, studied and healed through herbalism, astrology, art, dance, writing and shamanic ceremonies. 

Since 2016 I have been facilitating shamanic healing ceremonies, retreats and individual mentorships. Currently I facilitate mainly women’s ceremonies and lead annual Wombyns retreats. My work is focused on Womb healing and Sovereign embodiment. I’ve had the honor of witnessing hundreds of women transform and blossom into their Divine Truth, myself included. It’s an exhilarating experience.     

I offer you my ancestral medicines, inter-dimensional transmissions, the rich experiences of trauma and healing, the wild of my womb.


The Wild Feminine Way

I don’t offer cookie cutter outlines for 1:1 mentorships, or any of my offerings. Every individual has a unique signature vibration and a flow that best works for them. I do always begin with Astrology, which helps us assess your journey together. I don’t make decisions for you. I’m not here to disempower you. You are the one making the conscious choices and doing the work. This is your journey. I serve as a witness and companion to hold space for the remembrance  of your True Self.

My approach is intuitively integrating my training and years of experience in herbalism, astrology, shamanism, art, movement, and dream work. You will receive protocols through all these modalities for clearing and balancing your body mind and soul.

We do have to detox the body of different things in order to make space and embody higher frequencies. For women this is centered in the Womb. The womb is the most powerful portal within a female body.

The idea is to clear physical and energetic blockages, subconscious programming, ancestral patterns, for you to AWAKEN and REMEMBER the fact that you are Source embodying a human vessel.  With this awareness and embodiment life is your oyster, you consciously express and manifest what you desire to experience. Ultimately for all of us it’s harmony, freedom, health, joy, love, abundance.

When you clear yourself you are activated and aligned with Source and all the guidance you every need flows abundantly from within. It’s the frequency you awaken within yourself that you share with others. The world needs you to be in your truth and share that medicine in your own unique ways.

Thus, this journey requires and cultivates unwavering trust, in the Self and the Multiverse. This is a process you uncover, explore and define for yourself in affirmation of your Sovereignty.  


 This mentorship program is for you, if you want to… 


Liberate yourself from patriarchal programming

Transcend victim mentality

Activate your feminine, creative, sexual energy, and RECEIVE

Empower your inner child and live in joy

Clear ancestral patterns, blocks and heal your womb

Find your voice and express it to co-create with the Multiverse

Reconnect with your internal guidance 

Activate your medicine and embody your gifts to hold space for others

Learn about astrology, herbalism, shamanism 

Work with the unseen/subsconscious dimensions

Gain practical and spiritual tools to live a healthy life

Embody the Goddess within and birth a new paradigm on this planet