with Sitora Yusufiy


In order to embody our power, we have to align with our true source.

What are you choosing for your self?

A life of victimhood where you unconsciously and consciously give your power away to someone or something outside of you, therefore at the mercy of others? Or a life of sovereignty where you embody your truth and power and consciously create the reality you wish to experience?

After making the choice, comes the commitment. For most people the choice is a no brainer, but its the commitment to your choice that changes everything.



I’ve seen the many faces of abuse and trauma since childhood. I’ve alchemized them into the gold I can share with others.


Since childhood I was on the quest for deeper understanding and truth. Like most of us I experienced religious programming, oppression, abuse and trauma. Being the wild feminine I was born to be, I triggered the patriarchal toxicity within everyone. 

It’s not a secret that the feminine principle, energy, gender, body and most importantly womb, have been under systematic attack for thousands of years. All of our grandmothers and mothers went through it. And so the Earth gave birth to us, a new generation of wild wombyn, to break free from these cycles and chains of artificial, destructive, patriarchal structures.When a woman heals herself she heals her entire lineage, and makes space for healthy future generations. 

I’ve been facilitating healing ceremonies, retreats, and mentorships since 2016. Currently I facilitate Wild Wombyn ceremonies and retreats. My work is focuses around Womb healing and Sovereign embodiment. I’ve had the honor of witnessing hundreds of women transform and blossom into their truth and power, as I have. It’s an exhilarating experience.


The Wild Feminine Way

This is an inner journey of sovereignty. We dive into the unknown, uncharted territories within us, to remember, alchemize and reclaim. This is your journey. I serve as a witness and companion to hold space for the remembrance  of your True Self.

My approach is intuitively integrating my training and experience in herbalism, astrology, shamanism, art, movement, and dream work. You will receive tools, channeled guidance, and protocols through all these modalities.

We create a safe space to clear physical and energetic blocks, subconscious programming, ancestral patterns, for you to AWAKEN and REMEMBER that you are Source in human form.With this awareness and embodiment you can consciously BIRTH the reality you want for yourself and others.


 This mentorship program is for you, if you want to… 


Free yourself from destructive programming and beliefs.

Shift out of victim mode into conscious creation.

Activate your feminine, creative, sexual energy.

Empower your inner child and live in joy.

Clear ancestral patterns and blocks and write your own story.

Find your voice, express and experience more in life.

Stop seeking validation outside of yourself.

Activate your passion and share your gifts with the World.

Shift out of unworthy and lack, into sacred and abundant.

Learn about astrology, herbalism and shamanism.

Learn how to work with your subconscious and interpret dreams.

Learn energy work to effectively release and manifest at will.

Gain practical and spiritual tools to live a healthy life.

Cultivate healthy relationships and connections.

Embody the Goddess within and birth a new paradigm.