Being born into this world I had feelings of not belonging since a very early age. Not because of my family or environment. But it felt odd having a physical body in a mentally restricting reality. I had distant memories of living in a world where harmony, love, health, and freedom, were the basis of every living being. Here in this world I was learning about government laws, religion, wars, genocides, famine, disease…Believe it or not this was in my awareness at the age of 6. 

Fortunately I was born into a lineage of female healers and artists, male warriors and magi. My grandmother raised me, even though my parents were very successful and had all the means. My grandmother felt she had to. So my grandparents nourished the ancient and indigenous, Persian and Mongolian DNA within me. I grew up with the poetry and art of our Ancestors, healing wisdom of Tajik Wise Women, Mystic Awareness of Zoroastrian Magi. Everything changed when I turned 11 and moved to the United States to live with my parents. 

Time took its course and I inevitably experienced a lot of the conditioning, and programming from family and society that normalized the suffering of humanity. I happen to be born into a culture that also doesn’t support independent minded, outspoken, women. In fact a woman who educates herself and opposes all religious, and dogmatic ideologies that are established on oppressing and controlling certain groups, in this case women, is considered a blasphemy. But you can simply call me Lilith. I’ve been embodying Her since a very young age.

Of course, this level of feminine rebellion is not welcome in any old patriarchal structure. So as co-creation would have it, Ive journeyed through layers and levels of suppression, abuse, confusion, suffering. my grandmother transitioned when I turned 13, and I was initiated into my Heroines journey. my adolescent years and young adulthood was an intricate exploration of trauma. It was projected onto me that my awareness is unnecessary, my passion needs to be toned down, my artistic abilities were not good enough, my physical appearance was ridiculed both at home and at school…etc…So I tried to fit in, conform, and all I did was start a storm within myself. Every time I ran away from myself and into the expectations of others I was faced with tragedy, with destruction inside and all around me. Years of abuse turned into trauma, and that turned into hanging by a thread, in this life. Until the series of dreams, my ancestors and guides, reminded me why I am here. I was guided to spend time in the forest, and listen to the plants, that initiated my healing.

My healing journey progressed into shamanic training, where I unlearned a lot of the systematic conditioning and re-membered an eternal Truth. Everything became my teacher, indigenous elders, ancestral DNA, nature, stars, the system, the bliss, the opposition, the conscious, the subconscious. With the birth of my daughter I was initiated into womb healing. 

My journey lead me to practice astrology, herbalism, dance, music, fine arts, writing, shamanism, and speak 7 languages. The only limits we have are in our mind. I have been facilitating transformational retreats and ceremonies for 9 years. Ive gathered many different experiences and tools throughout the journey. It is my great honor and pleasure to be able to share it all with you.