The old system taught us that we have to struggle and survive through life. This could not be further from the truth. The truth is, we have options. We can continue surviving in fear and lack based mentality, or we can thrive in authenticity, sovereignty and abundance.

It depends on what you are choosing to experience, and the commitment you make to embody that choice.


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Source Embodied Activation Course

Online Course

1:1 Mentorship

with Sitora Yusufiy APPLY


“One week after completing the 7-week program, I realize how much my mind is clearer, and my body energized. Working with Sitora gave me the gift of unloading baggage I didn’t know I was dragging along. It has been a soulful journey to which I showed up with an open mind and completed with an open heart. Sitora knowledge, wisdom and insight have guided me to a better version of myself and equipped me with tools to carry on the Work.”
-Geraldine P.
"Sitora has such a connection with the realm that I wish to understand. While in her presence I felt comfortable sharing things about myself and allowing her knowledge & guidance help me understand more about where I've been and which way I'm heading. it isn't everyday that I have the chance to connect with such a beautiful soul, and for that I am forever grateful."
-Kevin S. FL
"I just wanted to tell you again how thankful and blessed I am to have found you and your help. In nearly 2 weeks you have improved my mental, physical and spiritual health more than anyone or anything could help me . I am finally waking up feeling normal and so thankful for everything"
-Vildan N. NJ
"Hi Sitora! I just wanted to let you know that your Zen Qi tea and the Root Chakra essential oil have been quite helpful to relieve my headache and abdominal pain. Thank You so much. Much Peace, Love, and Blessings."
-Mustaheed K. TN
"All I could say is WOW. You have a gift... you helped align the missing pieces. It was a tough one but the most profound guidance I have ever had."
-Melinda C. TX
“Just finished listening and doing the meditations and it’s insane the synchronicities I experienced last week within nature. My mind is blown! Sitora, you are a GIFT. Thank you thank you thank you”
-Lana G. CA
"I just want to reiterate again how wonderful and beautiful I think everything that you're doing is. I find myself in a level of joy I haven't felt in longer than I can remember. Thank you for being so amazing and so strong and so willing to guide all of us to happiness."
-Janel D. NJ
"I count our meeting as a turning point for me in terms of my physical/mental health. You are a presence and I am very grateful to you"
- Jen Fitzgerald