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Astrology is a cosmic blueprint of your Soul Journey. We can access this Map to gain deeper awareness, clear limiting beliefs and activate the innate wisdom within us to live our best life.

Most, if not all limiting patterns, ailments, imbalances, whether they’re emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, stem from generational/ancestral trauma, beliefs and karma as well as past life and parallel timeline realities. Becoming aware of these patterns from a higher perspective gives you the ability to respond differently and reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind. Thus, taking charge of your own energy, which is the only way to master your life. We have come here to learn as much as we can and ultimately live in joy doing so. We don’t have subject ourselves to living in misery because the human realm is so limiting.  We are meant to learn from the limits, and ultimately transcend them so that we can remember our sovereignty even in this temporary human experience.

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