Yoni Pearls


Organic Ingredients:

Cocoa butter

Shilajit yoni pearls help treat hemorrhoids, fissures, cracks in tissues, Bacterial Vaginosis, UTI, Yeast/Candida, inflammation, edema.

The pearls offer a gentle but deep cleansing and nutrient support for the reproductive organs. This imporves health, sensation, appearance, odor & moisture levels. If you are dry this will bring back the needed moisture, if you are always discharging this will regulate secretion.


Best used before bed because there will be discharge. Wear panty liners or menstrual underwear when applied.

Wash hands. Insert one pearl into the vaginal canal. One yoni pear will last and dissolve for 3 days. Can be used during sex for increased pleasure and to share the medicine with your partner. Best used after menstrual cycle for cleansing residue and nourishment. Dont use during period. Can be applied

Shilajit is a resin of more than 84 minerals, organic micro organisms and DNA. This is the rich microbiome our bodies are so deprived of in todays over sterilized world. Re-establishing a healthy biome and ph level in the vagina or rectum will clear and prevent most common and recurring infections and support healthy reproductive organs.

Shilajit is deeply nourishing and restoring for our cells and DNA. It activates the healing of mucous membranes while helps move out toxins. It feeds our cells speeds up recovery and healing of tissues. It regulates menstrual cycle and hormones. It improves the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the reproductive organs. It strengthens the Uterus and supports healthy function of ovaries.

The essential oils lavender, frankincense, rose, are all safe to use topically, vaginally or rectally. They are minimal amount and diluted with the cocoa butter and beeswax. Frankincense is very rejuvenating for cells, it tones and nourishes, which is what we want both externally and internally. Lavender is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, it helps fight infections, inflammation and soothes the tissues. Rose is cooling and very toning, full of vitamin C bring more life into us. Energetically these oils are very healing for the Yoni and womb.

Cocoa butter and beeswax are not only safe but also healing for the skin, containing traces of propolis that fight cancer cells and healthy fats that keep us juicy and flowing with grace through life.

After the Covid, and the vaccines, we had an increase in reproductive imbalances in both men and women. Irregular periods, UTIs, infertility. We don’t give enough attention to our reproductive health and genitals, because we have been so conditioned to be ashamed of of our bodies. But I know thats all changing.

Shilajit is usually sourced from the Himalayan mountains. It is a medicine I grew up with because my family is originally from Tajikistan mountains, the western range of Himalayas.

A healthy microbiome is essential for our immune system, without it we don’t have one. Genital region is one of those areas where a heathy microbiome is crucial. Over-washing any part our body with soap kills the microbiome, especially in a sensitive area like the vagina, a sterile, low immune system becomes the breeding ground for bacterial and viral infections.

Vaginal or rectal suppositories are actually a wonderful and often times better way to deliver herbal medicines into the system. Most people have digestive issues which prevents proper delivery and absorption of nutrients. Genital suppositories skip the digestive step and go into the bloodstream, intestines and gut more effortlessly. So even through they are targeting the genital and reproductive organs they enter the blood stream and your entire body receives the benefits.