We are fully aware of the truth that we are One. All of humanity, is One organism comprised of billions of cells. We are not separate from the Earth as we exist because of Her. We are not separate from the Solar System as we are a direct evolution from it.
With that said, if there are any imbalances, injustice, dis-ease, within any aspect of humanity, we will ALL feel it, and we are ALL responsible. It is a reflection of each of us individually.
There is a lot of work that needs to be done, a lot of healing and restoring that needs to take place on this planet. If more of us put in the effort, the less effort it takes. If 5 billion people decided to make a change and give their energy to sustainability, healing, Nature, we would see an instant change and potentially reverse the ecological damage within 5-10 years if not less.
This page is a growing list of trusted organizations, communities and projects all around the world that are focused on specific causes that contribute to the collective welfare and planetary health.
These projects range from small grassroots efforts to major global organizations working on political corruption.
Please look, read and feel through them to assist, support, donate or get involved in whatever way calls to your Soul.

We know we can do so much better. We were born for it. But we can’t do it alone. This is Unity Consciousness.

Protect the Rainforests

One of the best approaches to protect the Rainforests is to support the indigenous tribes that have been protecting them for thousands of years. Out of any nation of people, the indigenous people are the most sustainable, meaning they are able to live in harmony with the Earth, so they have the tools that can help us do the same.

End Child Trafficking

The weight of this issue really became unavoidable to me in the beginning of 2020. After a series of involuntary dreams, visions and messages, I went into the rabbit hole of child trafficking. This is a real destructive pandemic that has been plaguing the Earth for too long.

Decolonize Earth

Grassroots movements to reclaim the freedom of our Earth, by healing and cultivating her organic soil and biodiversity. 
Communities and tribes uniting in the mission to restore the health of our planet and all life on it from the ground up.


Coming Soon…