Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo-04.23.24

April 23 we have a Full Moon in Virgo, based on true sidereal astrology and the true real time movements of the planets.

This Full Moon closes the Eclipse portal, aligns with the end of mercury Rx, just a few days ahead on April 25th. With that said, the Sun will be in Aries, the Moon is in Virgo. Not the easiest combination of energies. Aries is activating us to initiate new things, and Virgo is pulling us into the smaller, but important details. There’s an urge to be impulsive, but also to organize and plan for the new cycle and timeline we are shifting into. Aries has a tendency to be focused on what’s ahead, or what’s next. Virgo wants to organize every step, she has a tendency to back track and act from past experiences or patterns, which can be useful but not if they’re stopping you from acting altogether. What if the new big thing we are initiating is deeper commitment to our health and wellbeing, as Virgo is always guiding us to do? What if we create an action board, a visual reminder of everything we are choosing and embodying for ourselves and others, and implement daily habits and actions to make it happen?

We can channel the fiery, impulsive, assertive energy of Aries into the practical day to day organization and energy management.

As this Full Moon closes the portal, there is an energy of completing old or outstanding tasks that you know are ready  to be released. This makes space for the new timeline to anchor in.

Virgo Full Moon is definitely helping us ground and practically apply all the energy and activation we are receiving from Sun in Aries. Moon is also opposing Venus in Pisces, I see this as the pull between fantasy and reality. How can we bridge the gap? By embodying it in our day to day habits and actions. 

There is a T square between the Sun, Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn is the destruction of the old establishment/system. I see this as the distracting, manipulative forces of the old patriarchal establishment. At this point I think we can all agree there is not much to lose. We are now embodying and demanding freedom in every way, in all corners of the Earth. It’s a time of preparation and aligned action, which doesn’t come without rooting down into the Earth and moving by Her guidance. The question is, with all this chaos, turmoil, destruction, can you focus on the Highest Vision and ground it into physical reality with every day habits?

You are the collective, your transformation is the transformation of the collective. There is no separation. Can you direct the energy that is running wild through you as we experience the death of the old and activations of the new simultaneously? Can you direct all the energy from external to internal? Because thats the only place real transformation and embodiment happen, within.

Virgo Full Moon helps us close up old projects, and organize new systems into our life as we embody and anchor more of the New Earth, individually and collectively. 

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It is a great honor to hold space for your journey of transformation, remembrance and sovereignty.