January Astro

What the new Gregorian Year brought:

Chiron Direct in Pisces Dec 26 2023

Jupiter Direct in Aries Dec 31, 2023

Mercury Direct in Ophiuchus Jan 1, 2024

Chiron Direct in Pisces, in a square with Sun in Sagittarius. 

Sun is currently in Sagittarius illuminating our individual beliefs and philosophies in correlation to the collective religious or spiritual ideals. With Chiron direct in Pisces, the true unseen, the real spirit world…we are experiencing an internal recalibration of the ideologies weve been taught to believe and the actual truth of our existence. When Chiron is retrograde we revisit our past wounds, rather, they surface for deeper integration and thus transformation into more tools. We get reminded of why we are doing certain things in our life, and why it’s important that we transform and keep going. When it comes to religious beliefs, I forget how hard it is for people to let go of what they knew for many generations before them. One of the most unhealthy ideologies is that we need a savior to save us, that we are awaiting the next messiah to liberate the people of Earth from all this suffering. When the savior is already here, and you are it, we are all it. The minute we remember, the minute we realize and embody the truth that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, everything changes. There’s a whole shift in perspective and possibility and thus direction. These are the messages coming from Sun in Sag squaring Chiron in Pisces. 

Jupiter Direct in Aries-Jupiter has been retrograde since September 4th in Aries. If you’ve been paying attention this whole period of Jupiter Rx has been very challenging, because it’s been hard to start anything new. It felt like a drawn out labor. We’re feeling the death of the old, and with 4 celestial bodies in retrograde we’ve been having to REALLY sit with it and feel it. Even though we can feel the birthing of the new WITHIN ourselves, but its just this very drawn out process of giving birth, and I feel that this upcoming spring/vernal equinox is finally going to be the birth of the new on so many levels. There is a shadow period with any planetary retrograde, so we are slowly starting to move forward with the support of the universe on everything we are birthing  into the world. Keep going.

Jupiter stationed direct in a square with Pluto, which is the destruction of old religious belief systems challenged by the growing potential of the birthing of the new.

Mercury direct in Ophiuchus. Some will say this was a typical Mercury Rx, but to me it was intense and weird, and wild, and active af. Yes many things were delayed and canceled or malfunctioning as per usual. Lots of technology going haywire, etc. But there was a different energy to it, it was much deeper, a deeper excavation of the subconscious that made its way to the surface, things that have been previously hidden or unspoken were finally expressed, and THAT is a major win for healing. As Mercury is direct in Ophiuchus, allow your mind to be curious about unexplored things. I guess KEEP and open mind for all possibilities. Granted, this means a lot of these things can be unfathomable atrocities of the deep state that we have all been previously ignorant to…but how else are we going to transform and alchemize? We have to be aware of it if we are going to do anything about it. 

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